A Treadmill for Cardio Exercises and a Modern Myostimulator Were Purchased by the Japanese City of Toyohashi for a Medical Institution in Vinnytsia

04 August 2022, 12:00

The Podilska Hromada Foundation together with the Institute for Urban Development, looking for support and help in a difficult time for Ukraine, turn to the sister cities of our community. The initiative was supported by Vinnytsia's twin city in Lithuania, Panevėžys. In March, the municipality of the Lithuanian city invited its partner cities to cooperate in providing assistance to Ukraine, and they responded to a foreign request, including Panevėžys' sister city in Japan - Toyohashi.

Residents of Toyohashi collected a certain amount of funds for Vinnytsia at the request for help. On them, the "Podilska hromada" Community Foundation, together with the Institute for Urban Development, in agreement with the Japanese, purchased the necessary medical and rehabilitation equipment for Vinnytsia Regional Medical Center for the Rehabilitation of Children.

Thus, the medical center of Vinnytsia received a special treadmill for cardio exercises and a modern myostimulator. The institution specializes in children's neurology, orthopedics-traumatology and now actively provides services to children who moved to Vinnytsia from other regions.

The head of the board of the Community Foundation "Podilska hromada" Olena Danilova emphasized that not everyone has the opportunity to go abroad for treatment or rehabilitation. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the material and technical base of medical institutions on the spot.

"Although Ukraine and Japan are far apart, the people of Toyohashi in Japan always wish for the safety and peace of the people of Ukraine," said the representative of Toyohashi municipality Kyoko Oyobe.

The residents of Toyohashi also sent wishes for all Ukrainians to bring peace to Ukraine as soon as possible.


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