Serhii Morhunov: "Vinnytsia Will Have Another Sister City in Europe - the German City of Karlsruhe"

28 July 2022, 08:55

New economic ties are needed for our community and to strengthen the country in times of war. On July 26, the Municipal Council of the German city of Karlsruhe unanimously approved the decision to establish friendly contacts. The city considered the corresponding project back in April. Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov announced this on his Facebook and Telegram pages.

According to the Mayor, the businesses of both communities can potentially cooperate in the field of IT, the food industry, and renewable energy. Cultural and educational exchanges can also be the starting point of partnership.

"We are also ready for joint projects in the field of urban mobility and spatial development. Karlsruhe is distinguished by its high-quality bicycle infrastructure, public transport network, inclusiveness of the city space," noted Serhii Morhunov and added: "By the way, Karlsruhe has underground tram routes, and this is an interesting experience. After all, the greening of transport is one of the goals of our Strategy 3.0, which we developed before the full-scale invasion of the russian federation. And we are working with Zurich, Switzerland, on updating the rolling stock of trams."

In turn, the German partners seek to express solidarity with Vinnytsia community, support European integration aspirations, and also contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

As a sign of respect for our country and the arrival of the Ukrainian delegation, a blue-yellow flag was raised at the town hall, Serhii Morhunov said.

In addition, according to the Mayor, other regional centers of Ukraine were among the candidates for twinning, but friendly contacts at the level of families and public organizations have already been established with Vinnytsia. German partners were also attracted by the innovativeness and pro-Europeanness of our city.

"This is a clear signal from all sides that we are making contact," said Karlsruhe Mayor Frank Mentrup.

Also, Karlsruhe intends to invest about 50,000 euros to strengthen new partnership relations with Vinnytsia.

"We have already invited colleagues from Karlsruhe to our wonderful city and will be glad to see the German delegation. We have many opportunities to exchange ideas. I hope that after the Victory, the partnership will only gain momentum," the head of the community wrote and added: "We are grateful to all international partners who support Ukraine in the fight against terrorist russia. And friendship at the community level is another step towards the unity of Europe."

Karlsruhe is one of the largest cities in the Baden-Württemberg region, with a population of about 308 thousand people, which is slightly less than Vinnytsia.

In Germany, it is also called the "seat of law": the federal courts and the Prosecutor General's Office are located here. Karlsruhe is home to the country's oldest technical university.

This city is located on the Rhine. Karlsruhe is Germany's second largest river port and an important railway hub.

This is the first twinning relationship between Germany and Vinnytsia.

Establishing friendly contacts will be the first step towards city twinning, as Karlsruhe has already done with Nancy, Halle, Nottingham and Timisoara. However, official contacts with russian Krasnodar were terminated with the beginning of the war.


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