The Italian Association Handed Over Tablets to Children from IDP Families Currently Living in Vinnytsia

10 August 2022, 14:26

The first batch of tablets for teaching children from IDP families was donated by Italian patrons. We are strengthening cooperation with the European Association "Italy-Ukraine-Maidan", reports Vinnytsia Mayor Serhii Morhunov on his Facebook page.

"We discussed other issues where the city needs support with the head of the organization, Fabio Prevedello. Italian partners are ready to help with generators - this is very important in preparation for the heating season. The association has been helping Ukraine since the days of the Maidan, and has not remained aloof even today. Sincere gratitude from our community!" said the Mayor.

His deputy Andrii Ocheretnyi added that children will need the tablets for distance learning in wartime conditions.

"One of our priorities now is quality education, thanks to which many professionals appear later. In addition, the head of the association, Fabio Prevedello, noted that EA will help Vinnytsia with preparations for the heating season in schools. We are talking about diesel generators, which will be useful to us", he said.

The European Association "Italy-Ukraine-Maidan" began its activities at the beginning of the Kyiv Maidan protests, helping protesters with clothes and food. The goal of the association is to provide humanitarian aid and hygiene products to those areas of Ukraine where they are most needed. Italians, in particular, help orphanages, civilians and hospitals.


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